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Tax Liability is not only an obligation under the prevailing laws which every taxpayer must comply with, but in a broader sense it also talks about the way how every taxpayer performs its obligation in taxation in a proper and correct manner.

In general, taxation in Indonesia is adopting a method so called "self-assessment", which means that one must unilaterally performs its obligation on taxation while at the same time maintaining compliance and accountability before the tax authorities and pursuant to laws and regulations on taxation.

Transformation in tax laws and regulations that are dynamic and may change at any time, as well as the tax obligation that are vary, may create additional administrative burden for the taxpayer (both individual or business entity). Our role as general advisor on taxation and business advisory is designated to provide professional assistances and services in order for avoiding the possibility of misconduct and sanctions on the implementation of tax obligation.

MMStax was founded with the purpose of how we can assist taxpayers in order to run properly tax obligation, true, accurate and reliable.