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Tax Planning

Tax Planning Service is a service we provide to assist clients in setting the company's tax policy or company's structure in accordance with applicable tax laws. The main purpose of the Tax Planning is to improve the efficient tax management to obtain the best alternative in tax savings in accordance with applicable tax laws.

Tax Review

Tax Review Service is a service to review the company's internal tax compliance whether the tax obligations are in compliance with applicable tax laws, identify problems that may arise, prevention and resolution of problems that may arise to minimize the risk of the tax costs that may arise in the future. Tax Review is highly recommended if a client facing tax audit or filed tax restitution.

Tax Audit Assistance

Tax Audit Assistance Service is a service we provide to assist and represent clients in dealing with the tax auditor. We assist clients preparing the documents needed, as well as correspondence with the tax auditors and provide an explanation or arguments either verbally or in writing to explain about all the tax auditor's findings.

Tax Case Assistance

Tax Case Assistance Service is a service of assisting clients in tax dispute cases, such as: tax objection or tax appeal.

Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance Service is a service we provide to assist clients in preparing the monthly or annual tax compliances.

Monthly Tax Compliances: Income Tax Return Article 21, 23, 25, 26, VAT Return.

Annual Tax Compliances: Corporate Income Tax Return, Individual Income Tax Return, Employee Income Tax Return.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service is service we provide to assist company in preparing financial statements in accordance with applicable accounting principles in Indonesia. We even partnered with a registered public accounting firm when our clients need a financial audit services.

Customs Related

Customs Service is a service-related with customs activities such as: Bonded Zones Facilities, KITE, Importer Registration, Temporary Import, import duty exemption, including Master-list, Customs audits, objections and appeals.